Every Day is Day One

Confession time...This week has not been excellent, though it hasn't been the worst either. I fell, I caved into some temptations and was not totally on track. Not that i'm making excuses but the factors that played into it was starting a new job in a new environment, a new routine and still not being 100% okay with my tooth/gum pain. The important thing that I recognize though is that the old me would have said screw it, im going to start again on Monday and just let my small falls keep me back. But why Monday? why do we have to start on Monday? Why can't we start NOW? You fall off the wagon you get back on, stay on the path even if there are some diversions along the way. I'm not angry with myself, i'm proud of myself for being committed to the process and not giving up. I'm proud that I recognize weakness in myself and can move past it.

In bootcamp today Michelle asked us all to make a commitment for the week and be accountable to a buddy. I committed to doing 6 workouts this week. I forgot about the fact that Thursday is a Stat so they won't have regular class schedule, but I'll make it work. It may just mean doing an extra run on my own. But knowing I have to be accountable for this is going to keep me on track.

Every day is day one, every moment is individual and what happened yesterday or five minutes ago does not dictate the rest of my day, the rest of my week or the rest of my month. Move forward, even if it is two steps forward one step back. Keep going and be focused.

"The greatest things ever done on Earth have been done little by little." - William Jennings Bryan


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