I Survived!

Sorry i've been slightly absent from writing, things have been super hectic getting through Chrismas but I made it through okay.

December 23rd was our last Biggest Winners class for my second session. I ended up losing 12 lbs and 16.5 inches in the 12 weeks. I was disappointed in my weight loss number being only 12 lbs but when I look at the inches that just makes it all better. In the first session I lost 18 inches and 24 lbs, this session I lost almost the same amount of inches but only 1/2 the pounds. I am oh so close to seeing that #1 on the scale. Once I get there I don't even know how i'll feel because I've never been there as an adult or even a teenager from what I can remember.

Christmas dinner at Dad's wasn't very healthy, one of those cook with alot of butter dinners, but it was yummy. On Boxing Day, my birthday, we went to my Mom's and she made a meal totally out of Tosca's cookbook, plus some of her own stuff but all clean!! I stayed away from the junk and just made sure to get my workouts in every day. I definitely didn't lose weight, but I came out okay, pretty much the same as what I went in as.

This Christmas was drastically different than last one was, I remember last year it was a free for all with the chocolate and cookies, this year not so much. I did do Christmas baking including biscotti and granola which I gave away. I also made some clean fudge and brought that over for Christmas day. Yes CLEAN FUDGE!! And ill tell you it was some of the best darn stuff i've ever had! Now im not saying this fudge is going to make you lose weight, but it's just not going to make you gain weight like sugary fudge would. The recipe is available on another blog called The Gracious Pantry which has was amazing recipes on it. Basically the fudge is 1 part honey, 1 part coconut oil, 1.5 part cocoa powder and some vanilla/mint extract. Without the extract its just chocolate so you can change it up however you want. This is a must try and definitely a repeat on my part. Also, depending on how many servings you cut them up into they are only about 50 calories each.

Now I must plan my New Years Eve dessert to bring to the party!


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