10 lessons of 2010

Well 2010 is officially over. 2011 is here - the year that I reach my final goal and find a new person who never existed. What did I learn through all of this? Well alot, there's so much but here are my top 10.

10 - Never underestimate the power of friendship... Remember you are not alone, you are never alone, weather you are starting out with 10 lbs to lose or 200 lbs to lose. You always have a friend who is there and always willing to support you. You have to take control of your life and that might mean losing some friends in the process who aren't fully supportive of you. It may mean taking a step back and re-evaluating. But most important it is about finding that support network. Who are you going to reach out to when you think about eating that chocolate bar or that loaf of bread staring at you? Find your support network and grab on. It's important to rely on people who aren't going to sabotage you because those people exist, they are your friends sometimes and sometimes they just aren't ready for you to make that change or go on that journey with you. Take charge and create your support network.

9 - Stay focused on the end game...Remind yourself daily why you are doing this, you must do this because you want to do it not because someone is telling you to do it. Keep your focus on the results that will ensue by being determined. Maybe this means having a picture on your fridge or creating a vision board, for me it was having that LuLu Lemon Mantra poster in my bedroom and reading it every day. Especially those days I really didn't want to get up.

8 - Do something you love...This is super super important, you will never stick to a weight loss goal if you don't enjoy what you're doing! Sure some days I don't want to work out, but often I actually look forward to my workouts. If I didn't like working out at BDHQ I wouldn't keep going. Find what you love, running? dancing? swimming? For me I had to just try it all to see what worked. Now I look forward to going to spin class and leaving drenched in sweat.

7 - Eat what you enjoy...I used to belive that I would never be able to eat certain foods again, now I know that's not true. I can really eat anything I want to, but with modifications. I can have fudge, I just made it myself and it was clean. I can have burgers and fries, I just don't have the bun and I make home made baked yam fries. Everything is about moderation and modification, you just have to be creative.

6 - Celebrate the milestones...Even if they are small, celebrate! This is still a challenge for me, but I make a point to celebrate and be happy for myself. Now don't go out and celebrate losing 10 lbs by eating a 12 pack of tim hortons donuts, but maybe treat yourself to a new workout shirt or a manicure or pedicure. I just treated myself to a brand new wardrobe over Christmas for my hard work this year.

5 - Be proud of yourself...We all have a tendency to beat ourselves up, but we all have a reason to be proud, weather that is making the choice to drink an extra glass of water or make that extra class at the gym. Be proud of your accomplishments and celebrate!

4 - Own up to your mistakes...We all slip up, it's not about starting on Monday and being perfect the whole week. It's about starting and continuing. I've slipped up, i've "cheated" and ate something I shouldn't have, but I own up to it and move on. I've skipped my workout and thought "that was stupid" but I owned up to it and made up for it the next day.

3 - Know when to ask for help...This is a tough one, I know it's hard for me to ask for help or admit that I've screwed up - but I "own up" and ask for help. Rely on your support system that you created, open up and be honest. Admit when you've slipped up and you need help getting back on your feet. We're all human and no one will fault you for slipping up, as long as you are committed and get back on your feet.

2 - Take ownership of your issue(s)...For those of us with a weight issue there is always a reason why that issue is there. No one gets heavy overnight, maybe you just let yourself go after having a baby, or you stopped moving or you use to comfort yourself. Whatever it is, take ownership of the reason/reasons why you are the way you are. Once you are able to admit and accept the fact that you have a problem you can then work to resolve it.

1 - Remember YOU ARE #1... This is the most important of all my lessons. Always remember that you are the #1 priority.. Learn to say no. This was hard for me - for those that know me personally you know that i'm a "yes" woman, it's very hard for me to say no, but in order to prioritize my health I had to say no. I had to say that I am #1 and that I am going to do what is important to me and to my health. I was surprised how much people tried to sabotage me, especially surrounding food, being at a party or a dinner out I would be pressured often to eat things outside of my plan but I kept telling myself that I am the priority and that I am making this choice not them. I ended up having to say no to going out with friends sometimes because my workouts are a priority. But look at me now!!!


Unknown said…
Brianna, I know you have heard this many times but I can think of no better way to say it, so I repeat......

YOU are an inspiration and I am so impressed by your strength, character and integrity. May you always be true to you and stay on your own path... all the best in the upcoming year!
Bri Westhaver said…
Thank you Sheryl :)

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