Revisiting My Goals

This session of Biggest Winner's I've refocused myself. Not that I wasn't focused last session, but I think part of me was getting frustrated with not seeing the scale move. I've accepted that that really doesn't matter anymore, as long as i'm following the plan and moving forward not backwards. This week I lost 4 lbs, and it felt amazing, knowing that I got past that hump and am oh so close to seeing that #1 on the scale.

Something I like that has been incorporated into this session is workshops. BDHQ is putting on different workshops for the Biggest Winner group every Saturday from 1-3. This week was Goal Setting. In my blog post on August 31, 2010, I had listed my goals, I just went back and re-read them to see if they have evolved and they have to an extent. I've kinda added to them. We looked at it from a perspective of what do we want and how are we going to get there.

I want...
1-to be under 200 lbs
2-to organize my food
3-to run the TC10K in 1:20
4-to organize my finances
5-to have a family
6-to run a 1/2 marathon in 2011
7-to be satisfied in my job

How will I get there...
1-I will be under 200 lbs by going to at least 6 classes a week and eating clean every day
2-I will pre-make food every week so that I am not rushing to figure out what i'm going to bring to work
3-I will run at least twice a week to prepare for the TC10K
4-I will create an organized system at home to maintain the books and records
5-I will follow up with the doctor and not be afraid to ask questions
6-I will run a 10K every weekend once the weather gets warmer
7-I will strive to be positive about my career situation but continue to be aware of other opportunities

We all created a vision of what we think our life will look like in 10 years. Mine was "I am 37. I'm a healthy, happy, married woman of three children. I am active and teach respectful, healthy, habits to my kids. We go on family holidays. Food does not control my life. I am in a job I love and have completed a degree in school."

Michele also asked us to list what our core values are. Mine are: integrity, respect, honesty, tolerance,and acceptance. Personally I had a pretty tough 2010 due to some accusations that were made about me and some pretty mean words. I had a tough time moving past what happened and took a lot of things personally but it is now done and those individuals are no longer a part of my life. What got me through it was my core values. I maintained my integrity throughout the whole process and did not sling words back at those individuals, I maintained respect of myself and other people by not allowing their accusations and comments to stop my momentum. I was honest and never lied or made up things about other people. I was tolerant of the individuals who were cruel to me and did not speak badly of them like they did of me. I was acceptant of their point of view even though they weren't of mine. What did I learn? That I am strong, that just because someone else thinks i'm not deserving of their friendship that doesn't make me a bad person. My values got me there though and will continue to make me a stronger person.

The final thing we did was to create our "hedgehog", essentially this is combining what you are good at, what you are passionate about and how you make money to create a place in your life where you are doing something every day that you are both good and passionate about but also making a living at. This was very hard to do, try it. So I said "I am best i the world at persevering; My biggest passion is health; I can make money by giving good customer service". Now i'm not sure how that equates into a new career, but it does equate into my continues perseverance to become healthy.

I'm excited for another dedicated week of workouts and healthy food. I'm going to be doing my weekly cooking later this afternoon and be all prepared for some new yummy meals!


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