Sticking to your resolution

So you made a new years resolution to get healthy right? You said January 1, 2011, i'm going to get healthy and stay healthy and now its almost the end of January - have you stuck to it?

Now, is when most people give up on those resolutions, they haven't been perfect in their food or their workouts so they give up. They have that all or nothing attitude that since they've fallen off the wagon then they can't get back on. If you are that person and you have already given up or decided that it's just not possible to lose weight and be healthy - listen up because it is not all or nothing. Being healthy is a life long journey and it will never end, it doesn't start and stop with a new years resolution, it is about making consistent good choices and picking yourself up when you fall down.

So how are you going to ensure that you stick to your plan and your commitment that you made almost a month ago? Here are a few things that have worked for me for the last three years as I have continued on this journey and not stopped.

#1: Adjust my goals...basically if my new years resolution/goal was I want to lose 60 lbs in 2011 then im going to adjust that into more attainable goals. So instead of I want to lose 60 lbs I would say I want to lose 15 lbs by March 31, 2011, and that will put me on track to get to 60 by the end of the year. To say to yourself that you want to lose 15 lbs is much more realistic than 60, you can actually envision yourself achieving that.
#2: Announce your resolution/goal...tell as many people as you can what you want to achieve, the more people that know, the more you are going to be forced to be accountable for your actions and also be rewarded with positive words from your friends.
#3: Reward's been a month and you've stuck to it, reward yourself - spa day? day off work? whatever works for you but be proud that you've stuck to it for a month

Remember it is not all or nothing, you do not have to start on Monday, you do not have to start the next day, you can start right NOW! Set backs happen, we will all fall off track at some point in our journey but don't allow one set back to stop you from achieving your goal. You control your destiny!


Shawna said…
Great Post Bri! I will have to keep this one tagged so I can go back and re-read it when my motivation starts to dissapear!
Bri Westhaver said…
Thanks Shawna - keep it up! :)

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