My 10K X 2 Weekend

Well I have to admit I have felt slightly out of sorts this week. I went to Vancouver with John on Tuesday night and came home on Wednesday night so I missed both Tuesday and Wednesday of working out which is unusual for me. It's funny how you body becomes so accustomed to working out and you actually physically miss it. This week will be better though, i'm back on schedule and will make all my workouts.

I didn't feel like I got a good workout in until yesterday when we did the Elk/Beaver Lake 10K. I've walked the trails before, probably like 2 years ago, but have never been able to run them. It was an optional Saturday Biggest Winner session led by Tricia & Carol who run the BDHQ run clinics. Tricia ran with me the whole time, which was great because running with someone who is better than you makes you push yourself. And it keeps me busy and not focused on the running. I was so proud of myself, I ran the whole way around the lakes apart from stopping for about 1-2 minutes to help someone in a wheel chair who had got stuck in the mud. And I did it in record time 1:08.95 - way below my initial goal of 1:20. So my revised 10K goal is now 1:05, once I reach that then i'll revise it again, but I don't want to set a goal that is unachievable in the short term. I'd rather think what can I achieve in the next couple of months then go from there.

Today we also did another run in Biggest Winners, from the studio out to the breakwater, ran the breakwater almost two times and then back. I'd approximate that at about 10K as well, when I did it a couple weeks ago with Nicki we just did the breakwater once and it was 8.25K, this time I did the breakwater almost twice but also ran the inner harbour while we were waiting for people to catch up. I'm not sure on the time for today as we stopped in between to do some triceps, pushups and burpees, but during the time we were actually running I did not stop! I could NEVER have done this a few months ago, let alone at 360 lbs. These are the things I am focusing on because right now the scale is not liking me, it just is not letting me see that #1 right now for some reason. But I just keep focusing on the NON scale measurements, like the fact that in the last 8 weeks I've lost another 2 inches off my waist. The number will change eventually, I know that, I just have to stay focused.


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