I DID IT - yes me, all by myself, all this work, I DID IT. I am officially 199! No more two, i'm one something. This number was unimaginable when I started. I seriously doubted I would ever get here - but i'm here. I made that number with some amazingly supportive people around me and encouraging me. I can't even explain how happy I felt to see that number, it's like all this hard work I've doing is finally being reflected in the number. This is a goal I've been working towards for a LONG time and i finally did it. So what does that mean for me now? We'll i'm not finished, i'm just revising my goal. My next goal, in terms of numbers, is to get to 180. Why 180? Well 180 will mean I have lost 50% of my body weight since the beginning of my weight loss journey. These next 20 lbs will be just as hard as the last 50, it's down to the last little bit for me so I have to stay focused and determined. I have to keep pushing myself because there's no turning back now.

Apart from this exciting news I feel like I had such an amazing week last week...

#1 - i'm joining a work softball team. This is another thing that I thought I would never do again. I was too embarrassed to do it and felt that I was "different". I thought that I would hold other people back. Now I know i'm strong and that It doesn't matter if i'm last or first, it's about just participating. I played softball as a kid and it was my favorite thing to do and something I actually looked forward to in gym class.

AND #2 - I was on TV! I was at first pretty nervous about everyone being able to see me on film but it all worked out okay. Shaw TV did a spot on the Biggest Winners program and interviewed Sherry and I on our success.

So here's to reaching that next milestone - 50% here I come!!


Anonymous said…
You rock Bri!
Tonia said…
Awesome! Don't forget you also ran 12km non-stop!

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