Staying Focused

I'm on the ferry headed back to Victoria now. After dropping Maddi & Anna off at their Mom's Craig and I headed for the ferry anticipating the 3 but there was a 2 and we drove right on - wish it could always be like that at the ferry. It's smooth sailing at least unlike the last few times.

I'm back at bootcamp tonight though, am going to try to make the Burnout class at 5PM but we'll see how traffic goes. It'll be nice to be back in my rhythm. We're coming into the last week of this Biggest Winners session with our wrap up being on Sunday and after photos on Saturday. I will have to be more focused than ever this week and diligent with my food and water. Weekends away are definitely not the best when everyone you are with are not following the same eating patterns as you. I did manage to fit in a workout though while everyone else relaxed. 35 mins of running on the treadmill at 5.5/hr - pretty impressed with that speed. I'll be working overtime this week so won't be able to make my double workouts but will ensure that I make an extra workout on Friday i'm thinking. At least i'll be walking to and from work though so i'll have to be much more organized. John is in Connecticut now and I will see him again on April 10th when we meet in Vegas!! WooHoo very excited about that.

So coming into this busy week i'm setting my intentions in writing so that I stick to them. I WILL work out Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. I WILL eat clean meals all week and drink at least two liters of water at work every day. I WILL cut out coffee for this week. I WILL take my multi vitamins each and every day. I don't think it'll be an issue for me to stick to these given this is what I do normally, but these last two weeks have kind of been out of wack and I've definitely slipped in a couple of "cheat" foods that are not on the plan. I absolutely don't want my final number to have a two in front of it so I am going to do everything I can to stay focused for an awesome weigh in on Sunday.


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