Don't aim to be perfect, aim to be consistent

Home sweet home!! We got back yesterday from Vegas and it's nice to be home and back in my routine. I felt like I was pretty much on track with my food for the whole week, I made the best choices I could given the circumstances but I know I wasn't eating every 3 hours and was not getting enough water and the food probably had tons of salt in it. I worked out in the hotel gym and walked at least 5KM per day. It was the alcohol that did me in though. Alcohol + Sodium = Deadly for weight loss. I thought I would probably gain a couple pounds coming back, but at the weigh in today I was up 6. It is so frustrating because that is almost a pound a day and I for sure did not eat/drink 3500 calories over and above my normal burn of 2500 every day. I had maybe 2 drinks per day and only had two sugary drinks the whole time, the rest was basically gin and tonic or vodka, but not Bellinis. My body just does not react well to the sugar, it's saying "what the hell are you putting in me???" and just hangs on to it all. I think I wouldn't be as frustrated if I had just ate whatever I wanted and drank whatever I wanted all week and not worked out but I made a conscious effort to be on track and to work out and to see a +6 is devastating for me. I'm just hoping that most of that is me retaining water from all the high sodium food and that I can get fully back on track this week.

I know that in life it must be about balance and that I can't be in a controlled environment 100% of the time and it's just about finding ways to work around it. It will take me two weeks probably to take off the weight I gained, and that's a big set back for me, but I will do it. It means super strict food and extra workouts. I know that losing weight is 90% what you eat so given that I didn't have the best possible food choices this last week that is a huge contribution to it. But on a positive not I had an awesome vacation and some much needed time away :).

I have learned though that life is not about being perfect, it is about being consistent. I cannot live my life eating perfectly forever, but I can consistently make good choices. After feeling pretty down on myself for my gain I reminded myself with some help from my supportive group, that I will take it off, I will get back on track, i'm back on track right now. Just because I had a slip up doesn't undo all the hard work I've done.

I'm still proud of myself for making good choices while I was away. I took the stairs instead of the escalator every time. I chose water over free booze at the gambling tables. I got up and went to the gym instead of getting that extra hour of sleep. I always chose salad instead of fries. I made all possible substitutions that I could to ensure I was getting a healthy meal.

Here's to an awesome weigh in next week!


Tonia said…
You're awesome Bri!

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