Long Weekend Update

Wow, what a beautiful holiday weekend, tomorrow is back to work but only for 3 days at least. It was supposed to rain but it held off which is awesome. Saturday John and I went for a 13K bike ride from our house down to the water and back. I was really scared to do it at first, I didn't think I was going to be able to get up the hills or go through traffic. But after getting started I realized it's not as hard as I thought it was. I could get up those hills without even standing up on my bike, by just using my super strong leg muscles which came from all the millioins of lunges and squats i've done over the last year. This means more rides over the summer which will be lots of fun, more long rides or day trips. I love expanding my horizons of possible activities. Soccer also starts next week which will be lots of fun.

Sunday was our normal Biggest Winners class, we had another beautiful outing to the inner harbour for some stairs, stairs, run, stairs, run, lunge, squat etc. etc. etc. all while listening to the marching bands. My scale success this week was a loss of 1.5 lbs and finally getting my water over the 50% mark. Right on track to keep losing a pound a week, just have to stay focused and in the zone.

Today we had no Biggest Winners as it's a holiday. Myself, Nicki, Tonia, Debby and John went for a beautiful 8K run from clover point to the end of the breakwater and back. I used the steroid asthma inhaler the doctor prescribed me when I went last week. It was supposed to be to help my laryngitis get better faster but it's the same inhaler you would use for asthma. So I used it before I went but all that did was create a huge flemmy feeling in my lungs and I had to walk for part of the 8K. Part of that was because my legs were so sore from our Thursday AM class but the other part was my breathing. Making an appointment with the doctor regarding my asthma is my next step and we'll see what he says.

My goal this week is to lose 2 more pounds. How am I going to do this? #1 be 100% on track with my food and water as per usual #2 add in a Thursday PM & Friday workout and a big run on Saturday and #3 no double workout on Wednesday, well yes double workout but no double class, i'll go for a run before Biggest Winners instead of doing an extra class like I normally do. Cheers to a 100% super focused week!!


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