Why doesn't everyone exercise regularly?

I have to say being sick really sucks!! Maybe the old me enjoyed staying home and watching TV and playing on facebook all day but the new me has been going stir crazy the last few days. I found out today I have viral laryngitis and am not supposed to use my voice for another 1-3 weeks until it is fully healed. But at least I am no longer contagious which means as of tomorrow I can go back to working out fully and back to work so at least I won't be so bored.

So missing the last few days of being active has felt like an eternity which begs the question why isn't everyone exercising regularly? Knowing what I know now about how wonderful this life is when you are active and healthy, I just can't see why anyone wouldn't want the same thing. But thinking back I know what it's like to be in that place of not wanting to get off the couch, of just wanting to hide in my house all day and do nothing. I know what it feels like to be 360 lbs and feel ashamed to show my face to the world. I know it's scary that you might fail. I used to be in that place of just wanting to sit home and order pizza and eat the whole thing instead of going out and being present in my life. But if I've learned anything in this journey it's that being present in my life gives me way more satisfaction than eating that whole pizza.

I came across a post today on a page I follow on facebook, Smashfit. The owner, Heather Frey, wrote something that really resonated with me:

"When you work really hard and wonder why...
Here's Why It's Worth it:
Because smaller clothes look better on you than bigger ones.
Because when you finish a workout, no matter what's going on in your life, you feel good.
Because while building your body you build your confidence.
Because it's easier to be happy than to be sad.
Because it's easier to be healthy than sick.
Because your family needs you strong.
Because you want to lead your kids by example.
Because mirrors work so much better.
Because you prove to yourself what you're made of.
Because the good energy keeps coming right back at you.
Because so much mind-time is freed not worrying about your weight.
Because when you look at you, you see you.
Because inner joy translates into your outward life."

What she wrote is so true and just spoke to me. I love "when you look at you, you see you". When I look at me I see the me I am supposed to me, not this sad depressed lonely girl, I see me. I also love "when you finish a workout, no matter what's going on in your life, you feel good". I remember this every day I get an inkling of not wanting to go workout and I remind myself how amazing I feel when i'm done, how accomplished I feel when I see the sweat dripping from my forehead and know that I put 110% into that workout.

So if you're on the other side of this equation and you just can't find the motivation to get out there and exercise I promise you that all the effort that you will put out there to get healthy will come back and reward you ten times as much. It is worth those early mornings and long days to be in this place. I welcome you with open arms to join me.


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