Which hard choice will you choose?

You have a choice to make every day when you get up, will I choose to be healthy or choose to let myself go? Sometime this choice is made moment to moment, but for me it is often a choice I make every morning when I wake up.

To be overweight is hard. You feel like a failure, frustrated with yourself because you've let yourself get this far. You hate looking in the mirror. You're frustrated because you feel you deserve to be normal. You're disappointed in yourself for eating that cheesecake last night. You don't have the energy to keep up with your friends. You feel like you have no way out because you haven't proven to yourself that you are capable.

BUT to be healthy is also hard. You have to change your diet. You have to make time to working out. You have to push your body through pain (good pain). You have to get up earlier to make the workout instead of staying in that warm cozy bed. You have to say no when every part of you wants to say yes. You have to be strong.

So the question is which hard choice will you choose? Will you choose to just keep living they way you are living even if that might mean it is not the healthiest? Or will you choose to wake up and give 110% to YOU? The secret to having the very best life is giving the very best of ourselves to life.

I CHOOSE to live every moment to the fullest. I CHOOSE to not let opportunities pass me by. I CHOOSE to be healthy. I CHOOSE to be happy. I CHOOSE to live. What do you choose?


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