75KM of accomplishments

3 weeks ago I wrote about all the things I wanted to do this summer, a bucket list. So I have alot I wanna do and only a few weeks of summer, especially with how Victoria weather has been shaping up, which mean taking advantage of every opportunity for sunshine. So here's how the conversation goes - a little over a week ago...

Tonia "we should do something fun on Saturday"
Bri "sure, what do you wanna do?"
Tonia "why don't we go for a bike ride?"
Bri "sure, where you wanna go?"
Tonia "let's go to Sooke"

Since i'm up for pretty much anything as long as it doesn't require me to jump off tall buildings of coarse I agreed, not really thinking about how far Sooke was until I thought about it more. 40KM from Victoria. Now I bought my bike when I was like 270 lbs, and literally I couldn't ride it up any sort of incline. Prior to Saturday I had not ridden my bike for more than 2 KM; however, I have definitely got my fair share of hours on a spin bike and knew I was in way better shape. Luckily enough my bike had a shock seat so it is more comfortable than the spin bikes at the gym, but nothing is really comfortable when you are planning on sitting on it for 6 hours.

Awww look, we are so excited, this is about 8:45AM

We rode out to Langford on the Goose to the 15KM marker where we met Flora and off we went, on our way to Sooke. Our plan was, let's make it to Matheson lake which was at about 30KM and see how we feel. We stopped at Matheson for some yummy sandwiches and strawberries. I definitely got the better end of this deal as all I had to do was go buy strawberries, lovely Tonia made the most delicious sandwiches ever :)

I think those sandwiches gave us the will to go on. My reasoning was it was only 10 more KMs and I have already came this far, what's 10KM more. And plus I had to prove to those people who didn't think we could do this that we could. Tell me I can't do something and i'm going to prove you wrong!!

We made it to Sooke in record time where we stopped for a celebratory drink

Ok so realistically not on any clean eating plan or diet, but hey we just biked 40KM and we had to bike back so I could live with the one drink.

Look at us strong women!!

Now coming back was definitely harder than going out, we were tired and sore and I know my butt hurt using a cushy seat so I could only imagine the others. We stopped a few more times along the way back to refuel with some nuts and water. Coming back was slightly more eventful as I totally wiped out on my bike and went face down into a pile of horse poo - mmmm lovely - hey at least it didn't actually touch my face and my bike broke my fall, well my bike and my knees which are now severely damaged and bruised but that's just battle scars, they'll heal :). But finishing and getting back to Tonia's truck was the biggest sense of accomplishment ever - yes feeling accomplished + dead to the world tired and sore. We left our house at about 8AM and didn't get back until 6PMish. That included 6 hours of biking plus our stops along the way. So proud of Flora, Tonia, John and I for finishing!! WOO HOO - now onto the next item on this bucket list, indoor climbing tomorrow night!


Well done, Bri! My hubby and I did that bike ride to the Sooke Potholes, it's a great route without a lot of hills but our butts were SO SORE on the way back. My poor husband was standing and cycling for the last 10KM, he just couldn't plant his butt on the seat anymore. The path beside Mathieson Lake was amazing and I'll definitely be doing that trek again.
Anonymous said…
Awesome! My husband and I biked out to Sooke Potholes to camp for our anniversary last summer. Just biking out there (60kms) nearly did us in, so I'm impressed you came back the same day! It's a lovely ride.

(We're biking to Saltspring for our anniversary this year - but splurging on a B&B instead of schlepping all our gear)

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