Biggest Winners Inspiration

I was asked recently, who inspires me? I cannot answer that question with one person, there are just so many inspirational people in my life, people who believe in me and keep me going. Knowing that I have people who believe I can achieve my goals keeps me inspired to keep going. I think it's important to share our stories, to stay accountable to each other and your support network. Being part of Biggest Winners and BDHQ has been the best thing that has happened to me in my weight loss journey. I have not only lost a significant amount of weight, but I have gained a new family and new confidence. All of this would not be possible without the help and support of one very special person to me, Michele - director of BDHQ. Michele graciously offered to answer some questions for me and reflect on the Biggest Winners program.

When did you start the program?
The Biggest Winner program started in March of 08, hard to believe, i feel like we have learned so much about training this specific group of people. I have made countless friends and am very proud of the way it has evolved. It is forever changing it seems that one session isnt always like the next. So with amazing feedback from clients we hope to continue improving, and getting to the bottom of how we can change lives and lifestyles.

What prompted you to start the program?
We were defenitely inspired by the biggest loser television program, we very much needed a regimented program that would teach lifestyle improvements and coach people to live thier best lives while losing weight. Nothing like that had been done in our area before.

What keeps you motivated to help countless people reach their goals?
That is the easiest answer, people like Brianna, Sherry, Nicki, Kristen, Jana, Aiden and Jackie... i want to name everyone but you get it.. i feel like their goals are my goals, it is just as awesome to watch the transformations.

Can you share some favorite milestones that have been reached over the life of the program?
Watching several people now get under 200lbs, run for the first time, watching people literally change before our eyes, the way they crave the exercise and really are just so excited to learn more about health and fitness. When i know i have a "lifer" its the best feeling!

What do you tell people who aren't sure if they can succeed in this program?
You Can.... the support from this group and staff members at BDHQ is unwavering, you deserve it, It's absolutely necessary to have the knowledge and self esteem that comes from working hard and doing the right thing. You aren't alone in this and it's ok to be scared, just trust in yourself.

What makes Biggest Winners unique from similar programs offered in Victoria?
This is not a diet, its a life altering, fantastic journey of self discovery. Goal Coaching, wicked workouts, accountability and no crash diets are the key to making the changes needed to lose significant amounts of weight. We offer all of it and have have many success stories!

Thank you Michele for taking the time to reflect and answer these questions for me. I think it gives us participants perspective on why you do what you do. I know that everyone is grateful for all the hard work you put into ensuring our success. I am grateful for your commitment and everything BDHQ does for the community. I would not be the person I am today without your help.


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