Busting Through Excuses

Excuses are just lies we tell ourselves when we don't want to face the truth. I know I've talked about this before but it really is an ongoing thing in life, making excuses. Sometimes they are big excuses, and sometimes they are just trying to get out of something I don't want to do.

This week's focus was on "our story", so what is your excuse or the story you tell yourself when you are looking to skip a workout or eat something you know isn’t healthy or on your program. I didn't really have a good answer to this and then I really thought about it. I thought well obviously I have a story because I have stopped myself from getting to the weight I want and have sabotaged myself with food or poor choices. So really what is my story? I realized that my story is that I am actually scared to reach my goal. Even though I want it so much, I am terrified to get there. I am scared that if I get to that goal, then what will I be? Weight loss and getting healthy has been my identity for the last three years, I have found friends through this, I have built my life around it, so what will I be if I am no longer losing weight?

I think subconsciously I am sabotaging myself and not allowing myself to get to this goal because I am scared that if I get there then I won't know who I am anymore. After I realized this it was a light bulb moment, I was like that is SO TRUE!! I totally do that. I have always felt like I didn't fit in, or I was the third wheel, until I found this amazing group. So if I don't have weight to lose then where do I fit in?

No knowing what my story is will enable me to bust through this excuse/story and reach my goal. I'm not going to allow myself to be scared anymore. I have the power to decide who I will be after this journey. I can still be health focused, even though I have reached "the goal", there will always be new physical challenges to conquer. I can still motivate others, even if i'm just maintaining. I can be whoever I want to be and make a whole new story.

So now that I figured out what "my story" is I asked some friends what their stories were. The responses were all things that I have thought myself at one point in time.

EXCUSE: Alyse says "I'm never going to be thin, its impossible, something is wrong with my metabolism/genetics, so what the heck, I'm going to eat what I want".
EXCUSE BUSTER: Be consistent, eat clean, exercise, and make a lifestyle change. You didn't get this way overnight, it will happen you just have to be consistent. Aim to have a healthy body, not necessarily be thin.

EXCUSE: Raeleen says "I don't believe I can lose 40+ pounds so why even try: I sometimes want to give up thinking about how much I will go through to lose this amount of weight. the most I've ever lost in the past when i've dieted is 17 pounds. I have a mental hurdle to jump at that mark because I've never had so much to lose before and deep down I doubt I am capable of it. I guess this story is called "fear of success"."
EXCUSE BUSTER: You ARE capable. Being successful in weight loss requires a belief in yourself that you can do this. If you doubt your ability to be successful you will self sabotage to prove yourself right.

EXCUSE: Sherry says "I might as well give in and eat what I want because I’m not losing weight anyway."
EXCUSE BUSTER: Sherry busted her own excuse with "This kind of thinking will put me straight into the nursing home…not a place I want to be…so just need to keep at it, no matter what."

EXCUSE: Sherry says "I went to all my workouts this week so I deserve a little chocolate pick me-up (or a bottle of wine)."
EXCUSE BUSTER: Sherry says "Why would you work out all week, and then sabotage yourself with chocolate, wine and other goodies?....it boggles the mind."
Well said Sherry, I couldn't agree with you more, even though I find myself using this excuse frequently

EXCUSE: Alyse says "My hubby will get really annoyed if I spend more time at the gym"
EXCUSE BUSTER: Is your hubby annoyed or is he scared or your accomplishments? Involve him in your fitness, get healthy together. Share with him the feeling you get from exercise. Share with him your reasons for doing this and how important it is to you. The time you spend to better yourself will only lead to more meaningful time you spend with your husband.

EXCUSE: Sherry says "I’ve been at this for 2 years now I shouldn’t have to work this hard anymore."
EXCUSE BUSTER: Remember, it is a lifestyle journey, not a number journey. Getting healthy and staying healthy is now forever part of your life. You've been doing it for 2 years, but you will be doing it for many more.

EXCUSE: Raeleen says "I have to be super wife and super mom: I need to make a meal that my son will eat, which is different from what my husband likes to eat, which is now different from what I need to eat. I end up making 3 different meals at dinner and at breakfast, which can take up to 3 hours a day including doing the dishes and cleaning up afterwards"
EXCUSE BUSTER: You are feeding yourself clean, healthy, amazing foods, does your family not deserve the same? Instead of spending 3 hours a day preparing 3 different meals, dedicate one day a week to preparing for your entire week. Do your grocery shopping, create a meal plan, cut and prepare your veggies. Instead of creating three separate meals find foods you can enjoy together as a family.

EXCUSE: Alyse says "I worked really hard today at my job so I deserve to go home and rest"
EXCUSE BUSTER: What about, "I worked really hard today at my job so I deserve to treat myself by going to workout because I know how amazing I will feel after"

EXCUSE: Sherry says "My husband brings crap food into the house and it’s his fault if I eat it
EXCUSE BUSTER: Oh I know this excuse too well!! I live like 20 feet from Dairy Queen. But really it's my own choice if I eat those foods, no one else. I own my decisions!

And the list is really endless if you think about it. I get excuses all the time when people ask me how to lose weight. I give them an answer, but their response is often an excuse on why they cannot execute it. When someone is ready, no excuse in the world will stop them from achieving their goal.

"When your intention is great enough you will ALWAYS find the time and energy to accomplish your desires. You can state excuses to the contrary, but holding on to your old stories is just another way of wasting precious time." - James Arthur Ray


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