Summer Bucket List: Zip Lining

Back to work tomorrow :(, I LOVE long weekends!! John went away camping on Friday and Saturday so I had the house all to myself - though I wasn't all that productive at home. Saturday I started my day off with a 12K run with Tricia, Carol, Christa and Tonia. We did the same route as last week, from the studio to the end of clover point and back, 12.2 KM in 1:20mins. Then I had a lovely mani/pedi at Rachel D's Nails which recently moved very close to my house. My feet were in need of some much needed TLC after all the running i've been doing. Then it was off to Shawnigan Lake for the day to visit my friend Tammy. She has a wonderful house right on the lake, and it was beautiful out. It was nice to do "nothing" for a change. Sunday was BW's in the morning then I had to go get John at the ferry and head out to Sooke for ziplining.

Here are some photos of the gutsy participants for Sunday's adventure

Some even did some cool tricks...

Lovisa trying to hang on...that's a pretty cool trick!

Melissa look at you go!! Big Shout Out to you for just being Melissa :)

Nicki, that's a pretty cool move you've got there

Me getting myself upside down

Sherry taking the leap of faith on her first zipline - commitment, no turning back. SOOOO proud of you for conquering your fear - you did amazing.

It was a great day and the staff at Adrenaline Zip line were amazing. Given I changed the reservation about ten times I was super impressed with the level of customer service I received from them. Not so impressed with the service we received at 17 Mile Pub, but once we got the right food it was delicious.

Today was outdoor bootcamp at McMinn in the morning then a BBQ at Willows Beach for John's birthday which is on Wednesday - thanks to everyone who turned out, it was a great afternoon.

Back to work tomorrow, at least it's only four days.


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