Run Forest Run

Just finished 18KM. The longest run in my training before the half marathon in October. I have to say this has been the hardest run, not only because it's been the longest distance, but because it felt like every step I took was difficult. I really didn't want to run at all today. All day at work I was trying to figure out how to get out of this, but in my head I just kept telling myself "if you don't do it today you're going to have to do it tomorrow". So I knew I just had to do it and get it over with. A 2 hour time commitment which really takes up your whole evening. Thank god I have John to run with me because I don't think I would be running this alone. Today he was dragging me.

We ran from our house down Government towards Fisherman's Wharf and around where the TC10K route goes. We ran along the water all the way basically to Oak Bay which was 9K and then turned around and came back. I had to mentally break it down into my head into the first 5K and then getting to 9K and then 10K and then well I only have 8K left. It's an exhausting mind game the whole run while i'm trying to pretend that my legs are not throbbing and my stomach isn't eating itself. After the first 30 minutes I started using my fuel which was these Gu Chom things, lets just say basically they are sugar, but they are supposed to balance your electrolytes and keep you fueled when you are working out over 1:30. So then my mind game became, well every walk break I get to eat candy!! Not that I should be using food as a reward but hey whatever works to get me to that walk break. I can't tell you how happy I was to see the inner harbor though, it's that point when we're just so close to being done - and then it was like an out of body experience as we sped up to get this thing over with. We got it done in 1:58 - that puts me right on track to reach my goal of 2:20 for the half marathon.

So where is the positive in all of this? That is what i'm thinking while i'm just running and running and running...I'm thinking really why on earth am I doing this? Am I crazy? Well i'm probably crazy, that's what most people tell me, but this is my goal so i'm not going to back down. I though about how even just last year I couldn't do this. I thought about how strong my legs were to enable me to run this distance. I thought about how grateful I am to live in this beautiful city as we run along the water. I thought about how I actually really do love to run, just not during those two hours today. So all I can say right now is that I am never ever ever disappointed in a workout as i'm not in this one. I may have to force myself through it and I may whine and complain but when it's all over i'm ALWAYS happy I did it. Also it means I get my rest day tomorrow.

On a really random note, Facebook says that on this day in 2009 apparently I was drinking Starbucks cream liquor. I have to say that sounds pretty good at this point and might just make the throbbing pain in my legs go away.


When I was training for the Victoria Half Marathon, the 18KM training run was the hardest run I did. The funny thing is, I find the 21 KM distance of a half marathon is easier than 18KM because I think my wall is at 18KM and that I don't get the chance to break through it. At least for 21 KM I think your body realizes "looks like she's not stopping yet" and decides to find the pace again and stick with it. :) That's my theory and I'm sticking to it!

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