1/2 Marathon Milestone

Running a 1/2 marathon was something I would never imagined possible even just a year ago, let alone running for 10 minutes. Even though I had already lost a significant amount of weight before joining Biggest Winners, I never actually thought I would be a runner, I thought that I just couldn't do it because of my asthma and my knees and a whole long list of reasons which were really just excuses in the end. Through a lot of hard work I was able to find a way around my asthma and actually breathe when I ran, I worked through the pain and learned how to make it work for my body. Now I can actually say "I am a runner" and believe it.

This whole past week has been a huge write off in terms of work outs because I've been so sick, the laryngitis came back again :(. So needless to say I was a little nervous that I hadn't worked out in six days and was just about to run 21 KM and was still sick. But I had worked so hard for this day and committed so much time that a cold wasn't going to stop me from doing it even if I couldn't breathe. The day was beautiful and thankfully the rain held off for us and all the other runners. We finished the first 10K no problem in just 1:01 but then the asthma started to set in and the pain and by about 12K I felt like it was never going to end. My family came out to cheer us on and keep us going, they were at about the 10K mark and then the 15K mark coming back through and it was definatly what I needed to keep going.

John and I separated about the 15K mark as his knees were hurting too much and he had to walk. I kept going with my 10 and 1s had 3 asthma attacks along the way but used my inhaler and kept going. By about 19K I just started breaking down, I was physically and emotionally just DONE, I felt like I literally could not move my legs any more and all I wanted to do was walk, I couldn't breathe but I knew that it was just 2 more kilometers and I would be done, I just kept telling myself that 2 KM is fast, i can do that, only 12 more minutes. By the 900 meters to go mark I was about to collapse but just kept focusing on the signs that reminded me I was almost finished. By the 100 meter to go a runner came up behind me who I don't even know and pushed/encouraged me across the finish where I basically collapsed in the medics arms. I was able to recoup myself in a few minutes and bring myself back to normal. I guess I had pushed myself to my limits and beyond because I could hardly even stand up, let alone walk.

Coming out of the medic tent I went to get my medal from Nicki who gave me a huge hug and congratulations. Let me just tell you I was an emotional mess for the rest of the day though. I am proud of myself for doing it, and after it was done I said "i'm never doing that again" but today's a new day, I would do that again because I want a better time. I completed my first half marathon in 2:14:00 and now I want to beat that time because I know I can do way better if I wasn't sick. Regardless, bottom line, I still beat my husband who completed it in 2:17. In case you haven't realized, we are a little competitive.

Today I feel like my body is broken, I can't walk, but thankfully we are going to get massages and get some of this lactic acid out of our muscles.


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