Harrison Hot Springs Weekend

Just got back from a lovely weekend away with the whole family at Harrison Hot Springs. John and I stayed with Maddison & Annabelle in an adjoining room which also connected to Craig & Kailie.

Here are my beautiful nieces...

It wasn't necessairly the most relaxing weekend given I was an adopted parent for a day, but that's okay I did still get to rest my knee and enjoy the hot springs. I'm still battling a cold which unfortunately proceeded to get worse over the weekend not better because our room was right above where people smoke. No real option to move us since there were three adjoining rooms and it was only one more night. We arrived really late on Friday night and basically just said our hellos and then played some poker with everyone. Saturday was a LOT of swimming and card playing. Sunday we checked out and did a portion of the Circle Farm Tour. First stop was "The Back Porch" where we got some delicious organic coffee and flour. Then it was on to the Canadian Hazelnut stop where we got some coffee flavoured hazelnuts, dark chocolate hazelnut butter and some u-pick hazelnuts. Here are the hazelnut trees...

Last stop before the ferry terminal was The Farm House Natural Cheeses where everyone else was too busy eating all the cheese samples that I just watched :). Of coarse doing all these farm tours did not assist in the cold situation which meant I was way worse then when I went away but that is the price I have to pay unfortunately. I knew that I would get allergic but didn't want to give up time to spend with all the kids. With my already existing bout of laryngitis at play this caused another yuck cold to start :(. We headed for the 5PM ferry and made it just before it started to get super busy. So basically I don't feel like I had a relaxing weekend, I feel exhausted, run down and sick :( but still had a wonderful time with my girls, oh and John ;).

This week will be all about staying focused with my food, making sure i'm getting veggies at every meal and fruit and one and listening to my body even when it's frustrating.


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