A week until Christmas!!

Another week down, and I can't believe it's only a week away from Christmas - yikes!! Just getting ready now, at least I have tomorrow off work and can get organized. I have just stockings left to do but that seems to be hard, especially for boys...so any thoughts would be appreciated. My crafts are coming along, pictures to come after Christmas as to not give away any hints to those receiving them. I am not taking much time off at Christmas, I have tomorrow off and then taking Thursday the 22nd off to go up to Mt. Washington and take the girls tubing - excited. Then I have the Monday/Tuesday of the following week off as stats, and the following Monday/Tuesday off. So basically 3 - 3 day work weeks, which is nice.

My goal this week is to be on track with food, as I have been, but avoiding chocolate will be the key as I have been having some cheats which aren't horrible but just not conducive to weight loss. Also drinking more water, I have been drinking my 3 liters, but trying to up that to flush out my body. Nicki got me on to some super yummy holiday teas which I now have like hundreds of in my house - not kidding! They are at Thrifties, made by Bigelow

They smell amazing, and for me have helped with the cravings, in fact I'm drinking an eggnog one right now - yum!!

Some good news though, I went to physio on Wednesday, took me awhile to get in due to the stupid rules of how my extended health plan works, but I got in. Went to LifeMark (Westside Village) and saw Chris May, I was super happy with what he told me which was that my knee is not the issue it is just what is being effected. The issue is that I have a tight quad and IT band. He said basically what happened was when I was running the 1/2 and got to the 19K mark where I got tired my right leg started to get lazy and my food was no longer straight, this caused my knee to push out to the side which is causing the pain. The solution is that I need to strengthen/lengthen my quad and IT band. I'm happy that I haven't permanently injured myself, it just means that I have to take it easy still, limited biking, upper body and only a few squats to work back in. He gave me some stretches to do that i've been doing each day and I go back to see him again on this Wednesday.This whole injury thing has been a true test of patience for me because all I want to do is just get back into it but I KNOW that I need to listen to the medical professionals and just wait if I want to be able to run again.

And more exciting news that I must share, BDHQ is running a contest for the new year called "BDHQ-over", check out their website for details on it. This is seriously the most amazing opportunity ever!! You receive thousands of dollars worth of prizes, but not only that - you receive the opportunity to take control of your life and make the change once and for all, no more of this sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else do it, it's your turn to do it. So if you are seriously committed to getting healthy in 2012 then APPLY!! Contest closes Friday January 13th so get that application in.


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