Mexico - arrriba

Back from Mexico with BDHQ, AMAZING. We had the most beautiful weather, started raining the very last day just in time for us to say goodbye. It was a week full of BDHQ hardcore heated workouts "hot bootcamp", dancing, relaxing, adventure and just plain fun. I was ready to come home though. Here's a quick run down on the week...

Welcome to Mexico, please proceed through the line of 1000 people, push, shove, BE AGRESSIVE!

Now that you have made it through the line please enjoy a cerveza, por favor..and please ensure you buy the Mexican Mosquito arm bracelet repellent - only $8!

7AM hot bootcamp, sweating without even moving, running with no pain = bliss

Beautiful sandy beach, blue ocean, sun...relax

Zumba by the pool

Day trip to Xel-Ha & the ruins

Flying high above the sea


Dinner and margaritas with good friends

Nights out on the town, we are the party - even Courtney Cox showed up

And to top it all off coming "home" every day to our Mexican love nest with complimentary towel animal, "please enter room at own risk"

A week full of fun, so many things I never would have done even 50 lbs ago. I walked on the beach in confidence not caring that my legs jiggled. I worked out every day. I did Zumba in front of watchful people, not caring what I looked like. I jumped off a cliff and was dragged up in a para-sail high above the sea. I swam with big fishes. I allowed myself to HAVE FUN because I earned this body and deserve this life. Can't wait for the next trip, so much more to see and do.


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