21 Day Challenge Conclusion

You know that saying "a year from now you will wish you had started today". That was one of the quotes that got me started on my weight loss journey, knowing that I had a mountain of weight to lose, but also knowing that if I never started I would never get there. The same goes for this 21 day challenge, for those who have no idea what i'm talking about please take a look at my blog post of March 10th for details. And look, I started, I brought some people along for the ride and now it's 21 days later. If I hadn't have forced myself to start I would have been in the exact same position as I was three weeks ago.

My commitments were for 21 days = 21 workouts, a minimum of 5 meals per day of which 4 have vegetables in them, 4 litres of water per day, no meals after 8PM and take my vitamins every day. I am happy to say I got back on track fully with my food and water, my exercise was awesome though I didn't meet the 21 workouts because I got hit with a vicious cold this last week that had me basically in bed for four days. I got over my slump though and am within arms reach of seeing the 160's.

Since it was such a success and everyone who participated seemed to get alot out of it i'm doing it again. so if you didn't jump on the train three weeks ago, it's open for anyone now. The new challenge is, give up something for 21 days. I will be giving up ALL lattes, not coffee in general - that's just crazy, but lattes. I will also be continuing with all the same intentions I set for myself in the first 21 days, this time pending no further sickness, I will meet my 21 workouts. My new 21 days starts tomorrow, and goes until April 22nd - any takers?

Need some more convincing?

Jacqueline said "This has been a great way for me to stay focused on healthy choices this month - March was tough! I think I lost about 3.5 pounds and finally got past a plateau! Still working on the protein and sleep - they are my biggest challenges!"

Kristen said "My overall experience with the 21 days was great. I think the thing I was most successful with was my portion control and hours of sleep. One of my biggest challenge still is not eating after 8:00. On nights that we workout till 7:00 sometimes it's hard to make that deadline"

And what are the challengers going to give up for 21 days? For me, lattes

Kristen is giving up nibbling on her kids food "if they don't finish their meal, I don't need to finish it either!"
Mary is going to give up some of her beer by adding in 3 glasses of water for every beer she drinks when she is out with friends and wear her special earrings given to her by her boyfriend to remind her of her progress.
Nicki is giving up peanut butter and restaurant food
Jacqueline is giving up coke zero

If these dedicated people don't motivate you, then ask yourself how you will feel in 21 days if you don't make some form of commitment? Will you be closer or further away from your goal? Set yourself up for success and anything is possible, im living proof of that.


Jacquelin said…
Thanks for inviting me along - it was a really good motivator - and I am looking forward to the next 21 days! Thanks so much Bri! :)

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