Have Integrity

I've been watching the Biggest Loser, like I do every season, but have found the drama slightly overwhelming this time around. Yesterday's episode showed the contestants makeovers and their chance to go to the White House and meet the first lady. I have to say though that I was delighted to see the produces show a new side of weight loss. The ugly side, the failure, the shame and everything that goes along with it. I know we've seen in the past, contestants binging to increase their weight before weigh ins either to get voted off or because they have immunity, but I don't recall them highlighting someone giving into emotions and binging. There has been some social media debate on if the binge was staged or not, to me even if it was I don't care, the point is that what was show is REALITY, it is not realistic to think that you start a new lifestyle and you never stray. Trust me, I have strayed many times.

I was saddened to see Chris give in to the emotions and eat, but I was happy that they showed this on the show to demonstrate just how real this is. How real it is that for someone who has issues with food, there is a huge struggle to disconnect food from emotions. We live in a society where food is so tied to emotions, yet we expect ourselves to separate it when it comes to those of us who have issues with emotional eating. Our culture eats to celebrate, we eat to socialize, and unfortunately far too many people also eat to mask pain, fear, resentment and a whole list of negative emotions. It is important to recognize that for many, this will be an ongoing struggle. What it is really about is learning how to have a happy relationship with food and how to learn coping skills that do not involve eating a tub of Ben and Jerry’s or a dozen donuts.

Bob Harper said "learn from the mistake then it is a mistake worth making". That statement resonated so much with me, it is so true. Often I find myself, as well as hear others, beat themselves up for straying from their eating plans. Whether you admit it or not, anyone who has struggled with weight has done this. Maybe just internally, but we all do it. The important thing is to learn from your mistakes and move on. Show yourself respect and compassion and recognize that it is ok as long as you pick yourself back up and start again.

The bottom line is, it comes down to having integrity, have integrity for the choice you made. Yes a CHOICE, a CHOICE to eat the chocolate, or the Oreo or the Pizza. Whatever it was, you CHOSE it you OWN it. That's what having integrity means, owing your choices, owning the responsibility and the consequences. Yah I know it sucks, it's not fair, insert stomping feet and crossed arms now, but it's reality. And if you tell me you will never make these choices, you are lying to yourself and to me.

Living a balanced life of good foods and exercise does not mean you will never eat an Oreo again in your life. It means you will make good choices 90% of the time and you will have integrity with the foods you put in your body. If you bite it write it, if you nibble it scribble it, because if you don't you are just cheating yourself and regardless of if you write it down or not your body still knows what you ate. Treat your body with respect and it will return the favour by making the changes you want.


Cher said…
I love this post. This is a real kick in the butt, as I will frequently have a little cheat ( a cookie or chocolate) and not write it down. These can really add up, so you are right. We make these choices, and to own up, we have to take responsiblity for them. I really needed to read this! :) Thank you!

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