Net Zero

And today marks a new day, a new 21 day challenge. It's amazing how fast time flies, you hear it all the time right... if you had started when you first thought of it you would have been closer than you are now right? How true! Just think, what could you have accomplished in the last 21 days if you had really focused? 21 days is a long time, but its also a short period of time. I'm proud of everyone who was focused on their commitments. Jacqueline gave up coke zero, her crutch. Nicki gave up restaurant food. I gave up lattes. Kristen avoided her kids left overs.

I'll be honest, I was not as focused as I was in the first 21 days, I stuck to my no lattes, but I faltered on being 100% on track with food. No excuses though, it is what it is and I have to own the consequences. Wow it feels like dejavu writing this because i'm sure i've said it before...and I have, many times, but honestly it is all part of the journey - and I know that. Focus, motivation, determination it all comes in flows and depends on the day. The stars must align it seems for success to happen, sure that is true. BUT - and a big BUT - you can MAKE those stars align. I hear far too many times from people that they lack motivation or focus, or any other excuse, it's just too hard. Let's be realistic here, YOU have to make the decision to be focused, to be motivated and determined to be successful. You have to guide those stars into alignment, no one else. There will never be the perfect time to start a health journey, it just doesn't exist. But every day is the perfect day to do something to change your life. Small changes lead to big results, you just have to keep moving on.

With that said, who is going to join me for another fabulous 21 day challenge? A fresh start! My next challenge is called "net-zero". The challenge is to remove something from your life and to add something. I have commited to adding in being more creative with food, which will mean trying a new recipe each week (I will share these). I will be removing eating out. I am seriously a pro restaurant food orderer, I can make healthy choices at the majority of restaurants, but the issue is the $. Really, it's about better time management for me and boredom with food. So the two kind of tie together. I have decided though that I will still go out for breakfast on Sunday mornings after bootcamp as that is my weekly allowance, and any other pre-planned nights out that I had already committed to, but no additional meals or coffees out.

Kristen shared something with the fellow challengers that really touched me. Her mom passed away last year making this time of year very difficult for her. To honor her Mom she will be donating blood for the first time, I hope that many of us can join in and support her on this, giving blood is so important and you don't realize it until you need it. Kristen will also be adding in something every day to take care of herself: drawing, gardening, facials, massage, etc. etc. The possibilities are endless. Thank you Kristen for being so open, and i'm so proud of you for honoring your Mom in such a special way. I look forward to hearing about all the special things you are going to do to take care of yourself.

On a side note, I did my own thinking the other day when I was interviewed by a fellow health blog on my journey. I know you all know my story, but they asked me some interesting questions that I hadn't really thought about in some time. You can check out the interview here. Answering these questions for the blog really gave me a re-focus, the kick in the butt I needed to get back on track after not being fully committed this last week.

Cheers this week to more water, more workouts, new foods and new focus.


Jacquelin said…
Great post Bri - it is so true - about owning our choices and motivation. here is to another good 21 days!!!
Susie said…
Have you already done an entry on how to order at a restaurant? Its quite intimidating for me somehow, especially because I have allergies as well, so we could use the advice.
As always, inspired by your journey and honesty!

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