Shopping.....Biggest Winner Style

No shopping trip is complete without some great friends and great finds, but I didn't always feel that way. Shopping for me was painful, embarrassing, emotional and I avoided it at all costs as a bigger girl. I remember back to high school or just after graduation, going to the mall, and knowing that I would never fit anything that was in the stores my friends shopped at. Shopping was a constant reminder of my failure as a human being therefore it was avoided at all costs. My options were limited, so knowing that there are more and more options out there for plus sized clothes is great, especially when you are changing sizes.

Curvalicious Boutique hosted a fun shopping day for the Biggest Winners today. A fabulous concept, they promote celebrating our curves. Why be embarrassed? Look fabulous at any size! Look at how incredible these women look...

Special thanks for both Melissa and Maelene for some expert styling advice. A great way to spend an afternoon, hanging out with some lovely ladies and celebrating our bodies at any shape and size.


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