BW Runs and Runs and Runs

This morning was day one of our Biggest Winner "Run Club" organized by BW Ambassador Nicki Reich. Fantastic turn out - 10 people. We started off slow with 2 minutes walking 2 minutes running at a slow pace, getting everyone used to it. So many committed people showing up for day one, it was great to see. Most are planning on running/walking the half marathon in October. Such an amazing goal, and something I know will make those who complete it incredibly proud. I know my half last October is one of the top things I am proud of myself for. It's something that anyone who trains and dedicates themselves to doing should be proud of. It requires hours of training, time away from your family, and commitment to bettering your fitness level. Bottom line it requires dedication, so when you run those 21.1 KM in October it is an incredible feeling of accomplishment, and super emotional when it is your first one.

For me today was hard, every time I go out to run I am scared, I don't trust my body anymore. I did it though, felt good during, and after, but of coarse not later on. Ice and advil should help and I am crossing my fingers that when I wake up in the morning I can walk. I tried to get out and enjoy this beautiful day - went down to the inner harbour to check out the buskers, about a 1.5K walk, was fine going down, but then the pain set in, took me almost an hour to get home because of how much I had to stop. I have to be honest, I walked very slowly past like a hundred temptations on the way home and thinking of how much I wanted to stop and get an ice cream or cookie or something because of how frustrated I was feeling. But then I reminded myself that I have goals, goals that do not involve running, and I want to reach those so no cookies / ice cream for me, instead I had an iced coffee = no calories. And also you know I didn't wanna miss out on my point for having a perfect day, can't let Nicki win that easily. Home I got, eventually, with the ice on my knee and sitting on the couch with my water and laptop, let's just hope I can walk tomorrow. It might be time to start to plan the funeral for my running career, but i'm not quite ready to give up yet.


Cindy said…
don't give can do it!
Susie said…
I was walking with canes and never thought I would be active again when I found the most amazing Physiotherapist. I know you probably already have one, but perhaps a new look at your injury with fresh eyes may help? Its Brian @ Parkway Physio out in Langford. I dont know where I would be now if I hadnt found him. He is responsible for turning me on to fitness and my gym/trainer, (Kind of the westshore version of your gym) as well as healing/managing my injuries, motivating me, teaching me that my body CAN heal, how to deal with pain, and NEVER giving up on me! And because he never gave up on me, neither did I.
Good Luck!

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