Upcoming Project

I can't believe it's August already, crazy how fast the summer has progressed. These last two weeks have been busy with workouts, work, writing and life.

I took a course offered by Kathleen Mailer, a very successful self publisher and found of Today's Business Woman Magazine, on how to write, market and publish your own book. I've had this big goal in the back of my head for awhile of wanting to put my story into a book, but that little doubtful voice would always chime in and say "who would pay you money to read that?" or "you don't have that much to say". I left that course feeling so confident in my ability to do this. I've now written about 1000 words, which isn't a lot for a book but for me it's a start. Just starting is the hardest part. My goal is to write at least 500 words per day which is about a 30-60 minute time commitment (depending on the chapter). Now that i've put it out there, I know i'm committing to it - no fear, just do it.

I have some big goals and big ideas of what I want to do to create a new life, and for the first time every I actually feel confident enough to achieve them. I will be starting the process of looking for sponsorship and advertisers soon to be able to fund this big vision. Instead of being afraid that they will say no i'm just looking at it as i'm no worse off if they say no, I don't get what I don't ask for. So if you are a business owner or are looking to support me in this writing/publishing process contact me privately for more information on how we can collaborate.

Apart from all this writing/planning I also started swimming lessons this week with my friends Tricia and Michelle. It is only four sessions, but is teaching proper stroke and technique. I love to swim, but i'm not really the most efficient swimmer and my asthma acts up a lot. I practiced my new skills this morning at Thetis Lake with a lovely swim out to the island and back, boy my legs were sore and now i'm just dead tired. I'm thinking of one more day of swimming a week, on top of the lessons, to get some extra cardio in.

All ready for an on track week, food and workouts all planned, writing time scheduled and ME time so that I can keep my sanity.


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