Take Away the Scale

Far to often those of us on a health journey get caught up with the number on the scale. Heck, I do it, I signed up for the 10 pound challenge and it turned it to me re-obsessing about the number on the scale. As of last week though I decided that I was letting it all go. I didn't like feeling like the number was controlling my feels or what I thought of myself. I am much more than a number on a scale. It is important to remember the non scale victories, the accomplishments and above all that who you are is not a number you are unique and special.

Wouldn't it be amazing if our scales said positive things like this, instead of a boring old number that defines nothing?

Here are MY reasons for not allowing the scale to define my self worth.

8. The scale doesn't tell me who loves me and cares about me
7. The scale doesn't define my intelligence or my ability to do my job
6. The scale can't tell me how fabulous I look after just getting ready for a night out
5. The scale doesn't know about the conversations i've had with people or the joy I get from inspiring someone to make positive changes
4. The scale can't tell me how amazing the feeling of soar legs are after a run
4. The scale can't take away from the physical accomplishments i've met
2. The scale doesn't know anything about the emotional hurdles i've overcome and how much stronger of a person I am

and my #1 reason for not allowing the scale to define my self worth...The scale does not tell my story, I do by living with integrity every day. When I do everything I am supposed to do to live a healthy life (drink lots of water, eat clean, move my body) then the number does not define anything for me, it is just a number.

What are your reasons for not allowing the scale define you? What are you proud of?


Cindy said…
it's taken a long time, but i no longer let the scale rule my life. i used to diet constantly, starve myself...you name it...i just wanted to be "skinny". now i've come to realize that being healthy is more than being thin so i concentrate more on eating healthy, exercising and being a happy person...that is sooooo much more important than some number on the scale.

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