Life Updated: Part 2

Last week I shared with all of you how I had taken the scale out of my life and was preparing to share my journey publicly at Journey to Balance which happens to be tomorrow afternoon.

So what could be more exciting than this? Well on top of this I started the Landmark Seminar series which runs for ten weeks. Our first session was last week. I was struggling with even going because it means giving up Wednesday night BWs in order to attend this for ten weeks. On one hand I knew it was important for me to finish my commitment and do the seminar but on the other hand I didn't want to miss class. Not only did I commit to attending, but I even volunteered to be a group leader. Opening the possibility in my life of being even more of a leader and stand for what I believe in. We talked about how each complaint is really a possibility in your life to create something.

What I realized was going on for me was the big complaint of "i'm not good enough". So that's pretty broad, but with this upcoming speaking and feeling nervous about it I realized this complaint was really creating an environment in my head where I was doubting my own ability to do this. To be more specific I think the complaint really is "my story isn't important enough, no one want's to hear about me anyway". Because I was replaying this complaint in my head I was doubting that I was going to be able to deliver an empowering speech. Then I realized, well obviously this is a silly complaint because I was asked to come and share my story so it must be important enough. And what is really important to me? Empowering others to make changes in their lives. Instead of this complaint I am choosing to create a possibility of delivering my story with confidence and just being me. So ready or not here I come!

On a more low key scale of excitement we got out new fridge delivered today. At this moment our kitchen looks like we hoard food with two fridges, but that will be resolved on Monday when the old one gets picked up by BC Hydro. ALSO for the first time in five years my home office is finally organized and de-cluttered - it's so freeing!!

How much more exciting can this get? Guess i'll have to see what happens tomorrow :)


Cindy said…
oh, i love the sentence where you said a complaint is an opportunity to create something...that is BRILLIANT!

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