December Frenzy

Coming in for a the last two weeks have just flown by. Normally I am pretty organized when it comes to Christmas and this time of year but this year I was one of those "last minute shoppers". I worked myself up into a state of stress and just pushed it to the back of my head and "avoided" until I really couldn't avoid anymore. With a little help from a friend I did what I know works when I get overwhelmed. I made a list of everything I needed to do to reach my shopping goal and I did ALL my Christmas shopping in 2 hours, and even most of it during my work day. I realized it's all the same, weight loss, stress, lifestyle, whatever were "worked up" about. Take a step back and evaluate the steps needed to get to the end and it all makes so much more sense.

I had one of the most amazing Christmas's this year. Really it wasn't different than any other year, but it was my outlook on the season that changed. Over these last few months I have completely transformed the way I interact with people. I let go of taking on other peoples "things"; I let go of creating meaning out of other people's actions. Really I have just been more at peace with myself and thus there is no space for negativity to enter. There were no fights, just fun. John and I had our first ever open house at our condo. In past, I would have been concerned about the people who didn't come, or about the people who said they would but didn't. In the past I may have made a story out of that and made it mean that they didn't like me. This year, with letting that all go, we just had a really fun time and a packed house.

The other reason I could say Christmas was so special was that John surprised me with my gift, I started crying. I really wanted to go see Oprah - who is coming to Vancouver on January 24th to speak - but the tickets were so expensive and I didn't have anyone to go with. He completely surprised me and bought me a ticket right next to my amazing friend Sarah.

I'm beyond excited to enter 2013 and continue to create my life centered around impacting people's health and well being. I am continuing on as a Biggest Winners ambassador and standing for every person seeing success in the program. I am finishing my book and publishing it in 2013. Im also working on creating workshops and a coaching program. I'm on the path to truly live the life I love.


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