Where did January go?

Wow, for the first time in awhile i'm alone with time to think and write. This is weird, for the last month I have been incredibly immersed in living through my possibility of being an empowering leader. So much has shown up for me when I let it. I think the easiest way for me to share these accomplishments with all of you is to just tell you, bare with me the list is long :)

-spoke my mind in more than one instance where I would not have in the past
-led two amazing workshops for Biggest Winners
-started a coaching business with my good friend Sarah, Freedom Within Coaching
-attended Body Love in Vancouver
-started preparing for my first "paid" workshop on February 17th
-applied for the introductory leader program with Landmark Education and was accepted
-offered a change in workload and took it on
-started focusing on my running again
-was voted one of the top 9 success stories for Tosca Reno's The Eat Clean Diet
-said no when I meant no, instead of yes when I meant no
-completed a 1KM swim in 23 minutes, my best time yet

These are all things i'm incredibly proud of. 2012 for me was about finding out who I was, cleaning up those areas of my life that weren't working and deciding who I wanted to be for this world. 2013 is about living into that purpose and I think I've started off with a bang. I'm excited to see what February will bring for me, not sure what can top all of this.


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