I Will NEVER be the Same Human

Have you ever had that experience where you do something that terrifies you and you come out on the other side a completely different person? Maybe it is conquering your fear of heights or having a conversation you should have had years ago. The experience of actually knowing you will never be the same human being ever again is something you can't even explain. That experience was what this last Tuesday was for me.

In my last post I talked about being invited to share my story at Sole Sisters and taking on that challenge. On Tuesday I fulfilled on that talk beyond my own expectations. It was an experience I am incredibly proud of, something that I know that I would never have done before, something that proves just how far I have really come. Leading up to Tuesday my stomach was in knots, my head was spinning and I had written absolutely nothing. Me - the planner - NOTHING written! I was planning on just getting up there and sharing, and then the thought of having no idea what I was going to say became too overwhelming that I decided I was going to write in anyway. I wrote the whole thing the day before my speech AND in comparing the written to the spoken they are completely different. On Tuesday I stood up in front of nearly 200 people that I had never met in my life (with the exception of a couple people) and shared my personal experience, I really shared my heart and laid it all out there. I was connected with 200 people, and receiving the acknowledgment was simply incredible. Being told that I brought goosebumps to peoples arms is mind blowing to me. Me changing live? i'm not that "big" of a person, so I thought, but I really am...I REALLY can make a difference in this world and that is what I got on Tuesday. Big thank you to Bethany for coming as my support - you don't even know the difference you made in my life that night so thank you. For those that missed the video, it is of coarse recorded.

So what is next is the big question? Whatever the world holds!! Right now I am working on a project to create the next Journey to Balance event which is scheduled for May 26th (afternoon) at Esquimalt Rec - save the date! Big things to come for this girl.


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