The Kaukinen 100

Time for another success story!! I am so excited to share an amazing couple's transformation which is still happening day by day. My friends and fellow Biggest Winner participants Jon and Rebecca Kaukinen inspire me with their dedication to their family, their marriage and their health. I'm sure you will all be blown away by their results.

Here is the lovely couple before

And here they are now

And this is their story:

How much weight have both of you lost?
Jon has lost 65 pounds and Rebecca has lost 42-45 - over 100 pounds together!

When did you start your weight loss journeys?
Rebecca: I started this most recent (and most successful ever) weight loss journey at the end of June last year.
Jon: I started October 1 last year.

Does it make it easier/harder to do it together as a couple?
Jon: I think easier. I've never done it by myself but seeing how hard it was when Rebecca did it by herself, it must be easier.
Rebecca: I think Jon must be referencing the time he made me hold his Pringles chip container for him while he was driving the truck and trailer - I not only had to hold the chips but smell them! Talk about temptation! Seriously though, it is definitely easier. Jon is willing to eat most of the same food I eat so that simplifies meals. There are fewer temptations in the house (and on road trips!) and that is helpful. Jon is losing weight so fast - he makes it look so much easier than it is for me! Although that can be hard, it is also motivating for me - I have to work hard to keep up! Another challenge is childcare! It is definitely hard to get all our workouts in, but I think we are making it work. After all, we are doing this for our kids - what better motivation is that?

What do you do to prepare for your week as a busy family?
Jon: I watch Rebecca put away all the groceries.
Rebecca: Jon does more than just that - he is in charge of hard-boiling the eggs for the week while I do the rest of the food prep. Hmmmm seeing this in print illustrates the need for change in our division of labour :). Actually, he often makes us fresh salsa too Now it seems balanced, right? :) Jon is actually in charge of breakfast and I make all our snacks, as well as lunch for the kids and myself. I usually make dinner during the week since I'm home first (and I like more variety to our meals than Jon). If I don't, Jon's fallback is tacos (chicken or pork on corn tortillas). We usually schedule our workouts for the week on Sundays. I also meal plan (with input from Jon and the kids), grocery shop and meal prep. I often make soup and freeze it in freezer bags so the main part of my lunch is ready to go.

What do you do when one of you gets stuck or frustrated?
Rebecca: When Jon makes up his mind to do something, there is no changing it. He makes this seem easy. When I get frustrated, I often talk to one of the other BWs - which helps! Just to share what I'm struggling with, and know they have probably been in that same spot before, is very helpful. I also try to remember how far I've come. And I look at what I can change - do I need to change how I'm eating or get more workouts in or drink more water?

What was your Aha! moment that had you to begin this journey?
Jon: I knew it would be easier for Beck if I did BWs with her. Maybe it was also the challenge to see how much weight I could lose and see if I could stick with it.

What is the biggest transformation in your family, non weight related?
Our kids keep telling our secrets at daycare: "Dad is cutting back on chips." "Mom doesn't eat sugar anymore." We are all eating healthier.
Making time for all the workouts means that we have to make choices in how we spend our family time and struggle to balance all the things we want to do.

What is your favorite healthy date and/or family activity?
All our dates are now workout dates! We can't afford a babysitter for workouts AND regular dates too! :)
As a family, Jon loves when we do the Drill together on Saturday at B2 and the kids go to FitKids. We go out for a healthy breakfast after all together. Rebecca loves hiking with the kids and running behind them while they ride their bikes (okay, I don't love running but I'm happy that I can slowly jog behind them! :).
It is exciting to see how much our lives have changed in this last year. Thank you BDHQ and the BWs! We can't wait to see ourselves another year from now!

Jon & Rebecca - KUDOS and CONGRATS on your amazing transformations and continual dedication to having a healthy family. You both inspire me daily with your energy and commitment.


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