Put Your Mask ON!

Today marked the completion of our Biggest Winner sessions, always an inspiring day to see people who have committed 12 weeks of their life - blood, sweat and tears - to transforming their body. There were some incredible results with interviews to come (stay tuned), for me I walked in this morning knowing that I had not done everything I could do in these last 12 weeks to take care of myself.

Something I got present to this week is that I have simply not been responsible for ensuring my well being is taken care of and also that I have not been willing to say so. I often get confronted by this conversation of "im not allowed to slip up, im not allowed to struggle" and what it has me do is just not be responsible. So i'm fessing up, I have NOT been responsible. Sure I've got my workouts in, and my food has been good (when I eat) but I have had trouble sleeping, have had a lot of pain in my back and even though my food has been "good" it hasn't been excellent. EXCELLENT & IMPECCABLE is what is called for in my game of health, and let me clarify, impeccable doesn't mean i'm not able to have balance, it means being impeccable with the reason behind why i'm eating. I have not been responsible in being conscious of the emotion behind the food, I have been eating mindlessly or just not eating at all and that DOES NOT WORK. This doesn't work for my body, for my well being, for the people that i'm here to support, it simply doesn't work at all. It's just like the flight attendant says, "put your own mask on before helping". My mask has been dangling there waiting for me to put it on. Today it is on, I am responsible and playing the game of being excellent and impeccable. No beating myself up, simply putting actions in place to be present this week.

My question to you, what have you not been responsible for in your own health? Maybe something small, , maybe something really really big, and if you say nothing - I assert there is something so take a look. What are you going to take responsibility for and cause a change in RIGHT NOW?


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