Creating Your Self-Care List

This past weekend many of us celebrated Thanksgiving, a time to be surrounded by family, friends and those that matter the most to us in our life. This year there is so much to be grateful for. I am grateful for my community, each and every one of you, who has contributed to my life this year in one way or another. The people in my life, my community, are my WHY - the reason I continue on this journey of health and contribution. In class on Sunday, Michele was talking about self-care, taking care of ourselves so we can take care of the people in our lives. This seems so simple, just like putting on the mask on the airplane before helping someone else, but something we often forget. I have written about it before but it bares repeating, you will never make the difference you want to make if you are not willing to prioritize YOU. This doesn't mean you forget about everyone else, this means taking care of you, putting the time aside for your workouts and actually doing them. When the alarm goes off at 5:30AM and you think "for me i'm just going to sleep in", the choice of getting up and rocking your workout, sleepy eyed and all, will have you so invigorated that your day will fall into place. So what does taking care of yourself look like? Well it will be different for everyone, for me my self-care list looks like this:

1. Scheduling time every single week for my workouts, for me they happen to be in the morning and I know that my experience of myself when I wake up and accomplish a hard workout is that of pride.
2. Having one evening a month (minimum) where I have absolutely no plans, no workouts, no socializing, just taking time to regenerate and recharge my brain. Usually this looks like enjoying a glass of wine and a movie with my husband or reading a book.
3. Spending time every weekend to prepare my food for the week so I am not confronted by the busyness of the week.
4. Scheduling my breaks at work to connect with people who are important to me, this fills me up and keeps me engaged in the rest of my day.

Everyone's self-care list will look different, but what I know is that if you do not know what you need to do to take care of yourself then you will never take the actions to do it. What you may experience is burn out, you may even be successful for awhile at transforming your health BUT I can pretty much guarantee you there will come a point where you will hit a wall. The wall of "I give up" or perhaps "What's the point?" and if you are not present to what you need to do to recharge yourself, to take care of yourself and to make yourself a priority I guarantee the results will be the undoing of all your hard work. So ask yourself the question, "what do I need to do every day, every week, every month to make sure that I am taken care of?"


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