100 Day Challenge

Imagine agreeing to do something every single day for the next 100 days...seems daunting, maybe impossible, a lot of work? That's pretty much how it was for me a couple weeks ago when I was looking at taking on this challenge. The challenge is 100 days of moving my body, getting sweaty for a minimum of 30 minutes every day. The immediate thought for me was "I can't do that, you're injured", then I realized that was me just doing the thing I do - I like to do it full force, 110% effort, if im not pushing myself its not worth it - thats just how I do life, but it really does constrain me. There is no freedom, compassion or fun inside of it always having to be full throttle. So I said yes to the challenge knowing everything I knew about my body (no running, little to no impact, take it easy). The challenge for me really is learning my body in a new way. So for the last 10 days I have power-walked on my lunch breaks, i've been swimming, i've been back to bootcamp twice and had a lot of compassion about what I can and cannot do. What happened? Well, I actually started enjoying myself again and i've had alot of fun these last 10 days. I have compassion where I am and where i'm not.

The other thing I took on inside of this challenge is breaking it down into 10 day increments. Small, measurable steps...so for the first 10 days all I focused on is getting my 30 minutes of movement in, that's it. Now for the next 10 days it will be the movement + focus on re-vamping my food back to where it was before. Every 10 days I will add to what I am already doing. Breaking it down really had it not be overwhelming for me, just one day at a time for ten days - I can do that!

Now, I had lots of reasons to not do this challenge apart from the obvious injury, i'm going on holidays for 2 weeks, im going to San Francisco for my leadership program, all of this should be lots of reasons to not do this - I wont have the time! But really, life will keep coming at me, it doesn't matter when I start, all I have is right now every day. So what are you putting off? What are you waiting for your circumstances to change to start? I invite you to jump in and do it now because all you really have is now.


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