The Final Session!!

Yesterday we started another Biggest Winner session and it is the last one for 2015. We are racing to the end of the year with all engines on. For me, it has been session after session with little movement in my health. This last session I definitely improved my fitness level but my weight didn`t move. What I have up at stake for the next 4 months is aliveness and vitality - that my workouts, my food, my time to myself is all sacred and vital and what is present where I am is true aliveness!! I`ve been pretty resigned about this for awhile, frustrated that my weight doesn`t move, trying to move a number on the scale does nothing. When I look back at when I started my weight loss journey I was never focused on the scale, I focused on the things I wanted to be able to do like walking without having an asthma attack. So what do I want to be able to do?

1. In 2016 do a triathlon
2. Run a 5K comfortably with no pain
3. Fit in all my clothes again
4. Start fertility treatments in a healthy body

These will be my focus, not the # on the scale. I know exactly what it takes to be successful, i've done it over and over, now it's time to buckle down and just do it. I am walking to work again which is about 3KM each way, wearing my fit bit and using a food tracker. I said no to foods sitting out at work that I knew were not going to further my goal and I ate my salad instead. I also will be compassionate with myself, if I mess up then I need to use my accountability partners and be in communication with them. Part of me thinks "sure Bri, you've promised this before and not done it - what makes this different?" and I could give up and be resigned but i'm not becuase this is a journey - up down, in out, whatever it is it is all a journey. Getting to my lowest weight of 170 lbs was something that was NEVER going to happen for me, then I got comfortable, now this is a whole new journey - this is the journey of discovering balance, discovering having the results be lasting and also having my story and journey inspire others at the same time.


Unknown said…
"I can do this" can do are on an awesome worthwhile journey Bri, and I can tell by "your commitment to me" statement you will do this...your goals are worth are worth it.....Love David

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