A new beginning

Well life has altered for me in the last year more than I could have dreamed. On August 31, 2016, John and I welcomed our beautiful daughter Abigail Grace Joan Westhaver into this world. After dealing with infertility, disappointment and frustration for years she is our miracle and worth waiting every minute for. I'm so grateful to have a year off of work to bond and raise her.

Personally I dealt with a lot of health challenges in the year and was unable to work out to the same degree I was used to, I also wasn't focused on tracking my food or prepping like I have in the past. Needless to say losing weight was not my focus, being healthy was. Now that we are settled and enjoying our time it is time for me to focus again on getting my body back. Abigail is getting bigger every day and it's important to me to be the kind of mom who can be active with her kids. At the beginning of this month I took the important step of signing up for Biggest Winners again and rejoining the program that I know makes a difference for me. It is for me a community and a group of people who are cheering each other on and i'm honored and thrilled to be back in the program. Unfortunately I got hit with that nasty cold a few days ago and have been home resting (as much as possible with a 4 month old), I hope to be back to the gym soon.

With rejoining Biggest Winners I really had to ask myself, what would have this be different for me? What would have me stay on track? I'm dealing with new circumstances, with not having the same freedom to just get up and go as I had before so how to have it work? I'm grateful to John for fully supporting me in this and taking Abigail as much as possible so I can prep our food and get to the gym. I know that weight loss is really 80% food for me, 20% working out, and to be honest i've never really found alot of inspiration in food or prepping my meals but I know it makes a difference. What I created for myself is the possibility of being loving, that is loving of myself (taking the time to be at class and prep food), loving of my daughter (that is putting food in my body that not only nourishes me but nourishes her) and loving what i'm up to (that is bringing joy and satisfaction to every workout, even when I don't want to wake up or leave my warm comfy bed). This possibility really inspired me into action these last two weeks. I fully took on all the meal planning and food prep in our house and i'm so proud of myself because I've thrown out 0 food, in the past it would look like food waste every week because I wasn't being responsible for planning or preparing the veggies. We also haven't gone out to eat at all which is saving us money (part of my other goal for 2017).

I'm really excited for the year to come, we are travelling lots (Hawaii, Mexico, Vegas, Caribbean) and creating our time at home as fulfilling. I'm also really clear that what has me win at the game is to have people behind me who support and encourage me so thank you to everyone that is on my team.


WyzWmn© said…
Good for you Bri!

You got this!
Susan said…
All I can say is I love you and I am proud of you.
Bri Westhaver said…
Love you and proud of you, text check ins again?
helen said…
Bri! So inspiring. I'm my completion of 2016 I saw that I was making things around food and health so significant. And that was really missing was having fun with it! And this really inspired me to keep playing! Thank you
Unknown said…
Way to go, Bri! Woo Hoo!!!

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